How To Make Fuel

I Want To Know How To Make Fuel

The question How To Make Fuel must manifest itself to many of us each time we arrive at the Gasoline Fuel Stop just to find the price per litre has risen yet again. It is hard to believe that the oil barons need another silver plated Rolls Royce, but then I guess when the old one loses its shine it just needs to be replaced.

On a more important note, it has been estimated that the world will start running short of fossil fuels in a couple of year’s time. If this is really the truth then we are all in for a rude awakening.

How to make gasoline fuel may be a much more important quandary than we all choose to believe. Currently our dependence on fossil fuels is a huge part of our lives and a major part of our weekly budget.
“But I don’t even own a car” I hear you say “so it doesn’t affect me”. Think again!

Why do you pay what you have to at the supermarkets? Why do many of the items you buy seem overpriced? The world’s economy survives on supply and demand and in most anything you spend money on there will be a transport component. Good ol’ fossil fuels, this world runs on the stuff and it impacts us all financially, albeit at different levels of course.

So what can we do about it?

Well! There are some pretty smart cookies in this world who are happy to share their knowledge on how to make fuel. You just need to know where to find them or how to source their knowledge.


Featured Video – Top Gear Australia – Alternative fuels and fuel economy

The Power Of Water – Fact or Fallacy

Fact: There has been a lot of discussion and claims about water powered cars BUT 100% water cars remain on the drawing board. However, it is fact that you can utilize this method in tandem with your normal fuel system with a water fuel kit. Extracting energy from water is no myth. It is a reality. This process has been proven to double and even triple fuel economy and the process is extremely easy to apply.
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The Power Of Vegetable Oil

Do you have used vegetable oil to dispose of? Does your local restaurant or fast food outlet need to dispose of their used cooking oil?
That is just two sources from which you can acquire the raw material to start your own fuel making venture. Using used vegetable oil can save HUGE DOLLARS  on your fuel bill and biodiesel can be made for as little as 50cents / gallon!

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There is so much in this world that we simply take for granted.